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The Dörflinger foundation

The Dörflinger foundation was established in April 2004 with the objective of cultivating and exploring the large work of Johannes Dörflinger. Chairwoman of the foundation is the lawyer Bettina Rosenburg. Members of the foundation board are, amongst others, Siegfried Gohr, Professor of Art in Düsseldorf, and Christoph Bauer, Director of the Art Museum in Singen. The foundation, based in Kreuzlingen, not only offers a permanent exhibition of works by Johannes Dörflinger but also shows the important topics and stages of development of his work in varying exhibitions. In 2006, the Dörflinger foundation presented the first publication of its foundation series called "Baumidee" ("Tree Concept"), documenting their exhibition under the same title, and taking a closer look at the inherent theory of art.

"When we established the foundation in April 2004, nobody could anticipate a project as the Art Border", Bettina Rosenburg declares. Only in July of the same year, the two mayors Horst Frank (Konstanz) and Josef Bieri (Kreuzlingen) appeared before the public with their idea to pull down 300 metres of the border fence on Klein-Venedig, and to mark the line of the border by works of art. This plan inspired Johannes Dörflinger to rework his tarot models into large-scale sculptures (2002) to build this art border between Konstanz and Kreuzlingen. The Dörflinger foundation bears the costs for the production and installation of the sculptures amounting to one million Franks altogether. So the Art Border quickly became the centre of activity of the foundation, and this project will take centre stage in 2007, too. And then it depends on the public response to this unique work as to which extent the Art Border will be the crucial factor of the foundation’s work also in the future. In either case the foundation intends to edit more publications, based on the exhibitions taking place in the foundation's premises in Kreuzlingen. These exhibitions – under the decisive responsibility of the artist – will provide a perfect showcase for further larger exhibitions.


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