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The sculptures

The 22 individual sculptures represent the trumps of the tarot, the "Great Arkana". According to a defined canon, the trumps of the tarot show the following motives:

Magician, Popess and Pope, Empress and Emperor, Lovers, Chariot, Justice and Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Female and Male Strength, Death and Reincarnation, Devil and Tower, Star, Moon and Sun, Judgement, Universe, and Fool.

The motives symbolise the conditions of the human existence. For this project, the artist transformed the motives of the "Great Arkana" in an abstract form as ornamental signs.

The figures are made of stainless steel with a high quality coated surface the colour of a frosted, metallic red. Their pedestals are also composed of stainless steel, but of a natural, silvery colour. Base and sculpture show a total height of eight metres. The tarot ornaments appear to be light and translucent, offering a variety of different perspectives to the viewer. For safety reasons, a foundation plate of concrete was required. These concrete foundations have been lowered into the earth and are thus invisible. And furthermore, a special sort of illumination was set up to enable the identification of the individual figures also when it's dark. The lighting fitting has been installed subsurface. The titles of the individual figures are engraved in four different languages - German, English, French and Italian - in the pedestals of stainless steel.


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