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Constance has become a shopping paradise by the lake

The future has already begun

The city of Constance has become shopper’s heaven. Citizens and guests can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, the special panache of a town that doesn’t stand still to rely on its glorious past, a town that has made its first steps into the future thanks to new economic, cultural and environmental concepts. Neighbouring Switzerland and the mutual fascination is definitely of importance to the aspiring economic and commercial centre. The shopping mall Lago has made a great contribution to the city’s reputation beyond its frontiers. In the meantime the initial worry that retail business in Constance will suffer because of the implantation of one major mall has disappeared. In the contrary: gastronomy, shops and all other businesses have profited from the numbers of shoppers who come to shop at Lago Mall, and who continue to stroll through town to discover more shops and restaurants. Quality of life also means to have a liberty of choice.

A light that shines

As far as variety is concerned, retail in Constance has it all. Promoted by City Marketing Constance, it has earned a reputation well beyond the city limit. On the initiative of "Customer King", open Sundays and dedicated traffic service are only some of the marketing activities. Citizens do participate in these projects, especially with lighting concepts in the "dark" months of autumn and winter. Take a look at the shopping guide that is available at the City Marketing Office or at affiliated stores. You will find all the information you want on shopping and other leisure activities in our town. Click on www.Treffpunkt-Konstanz.de to get the news on shopping in Constance. Restaurants near the Rhine River, in Niederburg, on one of the romantic patios in the Old Town or the beer gardens by the sea are wonderful places to enjoy warm summer nights in Constance.

Take an easy ride into town

The parking situation has become a problem in all cities. People who know bigger cities are aware of the situation in Constance. There are five parking blocks and one open air parking lot (Döbele) alone in the inner city that offer sufficient parking possibilities. There is also a perfect public transport system, which will take you quickly and safely to all available shopping destinations. The political, economic and administrational authorities make great efforts to support Constance’s reputation of a cosmopolitan and popular city – simply a place where one likes to live and shop.

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