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Culture in Constance

There is a lot to discover

Cultural activities in Constance are widespread and multifaceted: at the theatre, with the philharmonic orchestra, at the cultural centre and in one of the many museums or simply on a walk through our marvellous landscapes. Some may be astounded at the number of free cultural institutions. Don’t forget to visit the Sea-Life-Centre; but watch out for sharks! Culture is big in Constance and there is a lot to discover for you. The city is traditionally engaged in all sorts of cultural activities and has been a high level cultural centre in the region over the past years. For obvious reasons it is now a complete economic and cultural high level centre: the number and quality of cultural institutions have created a cultural profile that is unusual and rare in some aspects.

Theatre - one of the oldest stages in Germany

The Constance theatre, with the stages BotzHeim and Spiegelhalle, is certainly the most important cultural site at Lake Constance. Its policy is defined by the following criteria: We are looking for topics that we consider relevant in a controversial way. Of course we do appreciate the classical plays of world literature. At the same time we are committed to contemporary theatre plays. We are looking for authenticity and we are trying to "x-ray" socio-political context. The approach can be serious, sarcastic or humorous; at best our theatre puts a different light on things and the way we are used to look at them". In former times, the theatre building was part of the Jesuit monastery school. Today, major productions take place here. The theatre is one of the oldest stages in Germany.

The BotzHeim theatre on Inselgasse is the perfect stage for smaller productions. Here, the idea is to promote a new generation of authors and directors. Young theatre in Constance takes place at the Spiegelhalle on Hafenstrasse. There are special plays for children and youngsters. Next to four yearly young theatre productions, narrative theatre is an important element of work.

Classical music - the Philharmonic Orchestra

The Philharmonic Orchestra has its home base in Constance. About 100 concerts are taking place per year. It has been one of the vital parts of cultural life around Lake Constance for more than 70 years. The orchestra plays many guest performances in the Lake Constance region, the Black Forest and the High-Rhine. It is also renowned in the neighbouring countries, especially in Switzerland at the Tonhalle in Zurich and various other concert halls in Bern, Chur, Basel and Lucerne.

Books, arts and other collections

The Cultural Centre opened its doors for the first time in May 1998 and has been a place for communication ever since. The convenient and open building houses a public library, an office for cultural activities, the Art Club and the municipal Wessenberg Gallery. Precious art collections and more than 6000 exhibits are in the gallery’s possession. In the fall of 2000, the adult education centre has also moved into the cultural centre near the cathedral. Next to municipal cultural institutions and the Art Club, there is space that can be rented for private or public events. Two big halls, Wolkenstein-Saal and Richental- Saal, one smaller hall, the Astoria-Saal, and an exhibition space in the cellar can be rented. Depending on the occasion they can be equipped with a stage and other technology. The idea is to integrate a sophisticated and diversified cultural program for children and adults, part of which are art and documentary exhibitions, concerts, lectures and a yearly thriller festival. The program for kids from three years up includes educational activities at the museum that are related to special exhibitions, theatre for children, parties, lectures and concerts.

From all for all

Next to the municipal cultural institutions there are several free hot spots; for example the arts and culture centre "Kulturzentrum K9" with rock and pop concerts, jazz evenings, theatre and cabaret. Kulturladen is a place for non-commercial, independent rock and pop, and yet unknown artist. We also have some private initiatives by citizens who are contributing to the cultural life in our city, which goes to show that culture is for all from all.

Museums -  mix between historical  and modern elements

Constance has a number of interesting museums. The Rosgartenmuseum in the middle of town is one of the oldest museums in Baden-Wurttemberg. It shows exhibitions on art and history of the city and its region. It has been under restoration in the years 2003 to 2005 and is now even more attractive for visitors. The medieval building used to be a guild house named "Zum Rosengarten". Let alone the gothic guildhall is worth a visit. The mix between historical rooms and modern elements adds a fascinating touch to the new exhibition. A museum inside the museum is the hall of pre and early history, land marked from the 19th century. One of the exhibits is the famous cave drawing of a reindeer from Kesslerloch (around 11000 B.C.).

Every year, thousands of visitors, many of them from the Czech Republic, are visiting the Hus House. On an exhibition surface of 3000 square meters, the Archaeological State Museum shows the results of archaeological research in the federal country from 8000 B.C. until the 17th century. In May 1999, a new attraction has opened its doors in Constance: at the Sea Life Center visitors can experience the underwater world of Alp creeks, rivers and seas, and watch fishes, sharks and rays. The Museum of Natural History is located in the same building on the waterfront. The modern exhibition focuses mainly on Lake Constance as natural habitat for animals and plants.

Ready, steady, go!

Sports activities are big in Constance! There are one hundred sports clubs in the region. The new Schänzlestadiums, the Lake Constance stadium, the sports center in Wollmatingen and in Petershausen are some examples of our modern facilities. The city of Constance is very well organized for major school and club sports events, plus it offers beautiful landscapes. Numerous people come to the city to watch or participate in great events such as the "Karstadt Sport City Challenge".


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