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Constance – City of Science and Education

Constance – City of education

In times of general crisis in German education, the city of Constance sets a good example of high quality standards in the Lake Constance region. The University of Constance and the University of applied Sciences, institutions of innovation and knowledge, have an excellent reputation well beyond the region.

University of constance

Built 50 years ago, the University of Constance counts among the younger universities in Germany. Nonetheless, it has earned an excellent reputation, especially in the social sciences and arts faculties. The limit of students that was originally at 8.000 has been pushed to 10.000 students today. It is important to point out that the conversion of the program of study to a bachelor/master degree enhances student’s chances on the international market. The University of Constance is innovative and well structured to meet the demands of the job market, and to place itself at the top of German universities. Research oriented teachings are one of the university’s priorities, for example the Research Center for Young Scientists that has been founded two years ago. The constantly increasing number of endowed chairs at the University of Constance is a sign of trust by the economy.

Acquisition of third-party funds

The acquisition of third-party funds for research is a good indicator of a university’s ranking. The quality of research projects at the University of Constance is certified by complex surveys conducted by the German Research Foundation. Cooperation with external partners is growing, for example thanks to various cross-border research projects.

University of applied sciences Constance

In 2004, the University of Applied Sciences was awarded the first prize of the German Association for University Continuing and Distance Education. The jury underlined the "demand-oriented strategy, innovative management and distinct cooperation with the industry". 400 days of seminar with up to 15 participants makes the University of Applied Sciences the place for scientific university continuing of this federal country.

Over the past years more faculties have been added; in the past five years 14 new bachelor and master programs of study with internationally accepted degrees have been approved. The university sees itself as interface between research and science. It offers bachelor study courses that combine scientific engineering and economic science.

Bridge to Shanghai

The University of Applied Sciences Constance has installed a scientific and economic forum Baden-Wuerttemberg/Shanghai, commissioned by the federal country to enhance the scientific and economic exchange between Shanghai and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Technology Transfer

Contrary to globalization and the production outsourcing into lowwage countries, technology transfer is the future concept. Excellent basic research combined with quick and effective implementation of local and international research results into profitable innovations on the market. There are several renowned institutions in Constance that are a part of this sensitive and important technology transfer domain: The Technology Center Constance (TZK) and the Steinbeis-Transfer-Centers for environmental technology, merchandising, market entry and customer retention, machine dynamics, oil hydraulics and pneumatics at the universities. A competence center for new technologies is currently in the planning stage.

Education in Constance

School education is another field of excellence in Constance. In August of last year the International School of Constance and Kreuzlingen, ISKK, (Switzerland) has opened its doors. It represents an important location factor for top executives who consider settling at Lake Constance. The ISKK is a private school that offers successful teaching concepts, intensive support for children through full-time education in English. For further information please go to www.iskk.ch


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