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Shaping the Future

Urban developement with the participation of our citizens

The city of Constance takes its citizens’ concerns seriously and offers a wide range of participation opportunities. In order to master today’s problems and those of the future, the administrational and political authorities will be challenged just as much as the citizenry will be. As a legitimate democratic committee, the district council has the right to take final decisions. It is substantial for a sustainable future oriented development to promote a larger participation below the authority level. Over the past years, Constance has undertaken remarkable steps to put into practice a citizen-oriented community model that will be the backbone of a strong society. The city council has defined different work fields that represent various aspects of a citizen-oriented community. The main idea in the field of city marketing is more quality of life for everybody to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of Constance. An essential element of this process is the City Marketing Company, which was founded in 1999. It stands for a jointly responsible participation by the citizenry in planning, developing and representative activities. In the past, some rewarding achievements have been made here.

Project "Agenda 21" deals with different segments of urban life and future oriented developments. Here, the participation of citizens is guaranteed and indispensable for future challenges. For example in so-called future workshops that take place in different parts of town and are a platform for new impulses. Next to these activities there are important projects, which have been initiated by the city. In the field of citizens perspectives some examples are: The meeting points Petershausen and Cherisy, the Senior Citizen Centre, the city district conferences, public work in sports and culture, club activities and many more. All projects and actions are sharing the common goal to strengthen the citizen’s engagement and the local democratic identity. The importance of citizen’s participation is underlined by the fact that it is going to be the main project in the urban development strategy The Future of Constance 2020. Every one of you has a chance to be a part of it!

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