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The city of culinary delights

The region of Lake Constance is well known for its culinary delights: freshly caught whitefish, zander and Eglifilet, a fish delicacy from the lake, traditional Baden cooking, Swabian specialties, Swiss sausage salad, Tapas, Chinese food and Sushi. You will enjoy the freshly harvested local produce on your dish at premium restaurants and rustic pubs. Our regional and international cuisine is a culinary heaven for everyone.

Traditionally tasty

When Berthold Siber, the famous cook and former Bocuse student, closed his Michelin star restaurant, Seehotel Siber that has been awarded many gastronomic prizes, an era of culinary art in Constance came to an end. There are a number of ambitious cooks, some of them are long established; others are newcomers, who are trying to attract gourmets from around the lake. One of the more traditional restaurants and a preferred address of demanding guests certainly is the "Gasthaus Zum Rössle", located in the Wollmatingen district. Gault Millau food critics were quite enthused over the menu of chopped liver, tripe soup, duck breast and entrecote. The Steigenberger Inselhotel houses two restaurants: the "Seerestaurant" has a view to the lake and offers a modern international and seasonal cuisine, the cosy wood panelled Dominikanerstube focuses on regional specialties. At the new restaurant "O’Lac" which is located inside the casino, you can enjoy sophisticated cooking and a splendid view onto the lake and the Alps.

Iinternational gastronomy

Next to the ambitious traditional Baden cuisine you will find numerous international restaurants in Constance. The oldest international restaurant is located between the cathedral and the Rhine River: the "Costa del Sol", a Spanish restaurant with Flamenco shows on the weekend. OlŽ! One of the treasures in the old part of town is La Bodega, a Mediterranean tapas bar. The charming hostess herself presents the menu of the day. "Latinos" at Fischmarkt is the place for South American cooking accompanied by an original beer and tequila selection. In the summertime one can sit outside sipping a Caipirinha and watching the chicas and chicos as they stroll by.

Naturally, Italian cooking is big in Constance! "Pinocchio" on Untere Laube is known as the best Italian restaurant in town. Its cuisine goes well beyond pizza and pasta and has over 100 kinds of grappa to taste from. "Rossini" on Zollernstrasse, a modern Italian restaurant with a long bar has become the Italian meeting place in town. Even in the wintertime it is possible to sit outside under one of the radiant heaters. One of the more romantic places is the Lšhlinbad on Untere Laube with Italian specialties at fair prices. Enjoy a glass of wine under a chestnut tree in the garden of the restaurant. A great place for pizza is definitely "Don Alfredo’s" in the old part of town. "La Grotta" is possibly the place for delicious pasta. The restaurant does home delivery. "Cantina Rabaja", located on Kreuzlinger Strasse, has a new menu every day. Don’t get confused because of the Spanish sounding name. A visit to its vinotheque and restaurant are well worth the trip. Please take care to make a reservation. Eat like a maharajah at the "Rambagh Palace", named after the summer palace of the Maharani of Jaipur, on Brückengasse. The menu offers a variety of traditional Indian cooking and many vegetarian dishes. Nearby, the "Maharani", another delicious Indian restaurant is located. If you feel like Thai food and an exotic surrounding go to the Baan-Thai on Bodanstrasse. Among the Chinese restaurants the "Shun-Feng", which is located in the industrial area is one of our favourites. If you are up for sushi check out the sushi bar inside the "Deli" restaurant at the Lago shopping mall.

Following the Japanese tradition, you may watch cook Itamae while preparing sushi and sashimi. Students favour Turkish restaurants in Constance. As we say in the South of Germany, here you can eat "a lot, well and inexpensive". Typical dishes like Bšrek, Lahmacun and noodle pot are on the menu of "Sedir’s" in the center of town, or at "Defne’s" on Theodor-Heuss-Strasse where lunch menus are particularly inexpensive. You will find Turkish Kitsch at its best at the "Eumel" restaurant on Hüetlinstrasse. A typical Turkish dish that is unequalled so far is the "sac", turkey or lamb with fresh vegetables and rice fried in a pan at the "Münsterhof" restaurant.


Excellent wine from Baden, beer from local breweries and exotic cocktails at one of the many bars, beer gardens and wine taverns will make for a cheerful evening. Young people like to hang out at the "Dom" next to the cathedral. In the summertime you can sit on the patio under palm trees. There are special brunches on Sundays and holidays. Nearby is the "Wessenberg" restaurant, coffee shop and bar, all in one. Enjoy a cocktail or fine coffee in the cool and modern atmosphere of this location. The restaurant offers crossover cooking with Mediterranean, Asian and Creole elements. Check out the wonderful ancient patio and its historic atmosphere. "Die Cocktailbar" in Niederburg is located in a typical Old Town cellar. Endless illuminated shelves filled with all sorts of beverages greet the guests. Another place for cocktails is the Globetrotter bar on Hüetlinstrasse. The only bar lounge in Constance, the Klimperkasten, is located on Bodanstrasse. Here you can lounge in huge armchairs while chilling to cool club sounds. In the summertime it is particularly nice to enjoy a cold blonde, as we like to call our beer, in the beer gardens "Hafenhalle" and "Stromeyer" right by the lake. The many wine taverns of Constance are best discovered on your own. One recommendation though, would be the wine cellar "Zum Küfer Fritz" that is over 500 years old.

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